Although I have always had an interest in politics, my experience in building successful businesses and my interaction with every day citizens has created a passion.  Because I have been fortunate enough in my career, I feel it is my duty to speak for those unable to have their voice heard.
Each and every day I encounter hard working, middle class Americans whose best interests have been ignored by their representatives, both Democratic and Republican.  Both the country and the state of New Jersey are on the wrong track.  Now is the time for a new kind of representative.  Now is the time for someone to speak for these citizens and I choose to be their voice.  I too have been through tough times but have been able to overcome these struggles.  It is time for me to give back to the place that has given so much to me.
This is the reason I have decided to run for Morris County Surrogate.  I believe I can put my experience in life and in business to work for the people of Morris County.  Using the same skills and approach, I aim to modernize the office and explain the importance of the Surrogate’s Office to everyday citizens.  This office is not a political office; it is a place where I can utilize my vision and diligence to truly help people of all walks of life.


Democrat or Republican ?
The office of Morris County Surrogate is not a place for politics.  You may see Democrat after my name on the ballot, but this office is not about party, it is about people.  It was only a couple of months ago, that I was a registered Republican.  And I still carry the same values with me, no matter my party affiliation.  I’m someone with a family, who wants an efficiently run government, believes in markets and free enterprise with strong property rights.  However, I felt that the PEOPLE of Morris County deserve a choice.  Switching parties was the best way I felt I could offer a better choice for Morris County Surrogate.  Casting a vote for me is a vote for the change that we need in Morris County.  I will operate the office with the same care, decency, and diligence that enables me to be a part of a successful real estate development company.  The people of Morris County deserve better.  So politics and party aside, can I count on your vote?

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